The first three rules of IT – Backup, Backup, Backup.

We can advise on various backup solutions including backups to local media and onsite backups. We have dedicated servers within our datacenter location providing backup services only to our customer base. If data is lost or a hard drive has failed with no backup all is not necessarily lost, we can analyse disks for data recovery (disk condition dependent).

Whether branch to branch ‘on premise’ backups, single office cloud backups or field staff backup solutions, our Streamout bolt-on can be tailored to your specific business needs.

7 good reasons for choosing Streamout…

  • Full control of your data
  • Reduce costs of large data storage
  • No ISP fees just a low annual licence fee
  • Private off-site backup for multiple offices without rented server space fees
  • You can set your own schedule, nightly etc…
  • No need for tape changes, no panic in severe weather, holidays, sickness back-ups will continue remotely
  • Send back up to each office instead of relying on 3rd party server storage


With Streamout we can also host your server at our data centre or alternatively provide you with data space in which to store your backups.

‘70% of businesses that suffer a major data loss are out of business within 18 months’

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