Switching is easier than you think.

Regardless of your reasons for switching IT support providers it doesn’t have to be a chore!  Before you get the ball rolling here are some questions you may want to ask in order to ensure a smooth transition from start to finish.

What are your Passwords?
Compile a list of all usernames and passwords and store safely.
Where are your Software licenses stored?
Whether switching providers or not, you should have access to all software licenses and instructions for installation/maintenance owned by your company.
What are you Back-up procedures?
We will recommend the best practice backup solutions however it’s important that all current backup procedures are documented including frequency and media rotation.
Who is your in-house appointed IT staff member?
Whether an IT manager or designated staff member you must ensure your new provider can easily contact them before, during and after the transition period.
Do you have any other service providers?
If you wish to retain other service providers such as telecoms, web hosting etc… ensure that your new IT Support provider has all the relevant contact details.
What are your Security policies?
Make a copy of your internal security policies so your new IT support team can ensure that things are running consistently with your company’s requirements.
You may need to liaise with your current provider in order to obtain some of this information or we will happily liaise on your behalf which is more convenient for you.  Your business does not need to be disrupted during this transition period, software installation and server restarts can take place outside of office hours and our remote access software will make it possible for us to update systems with minimal disruption.

Don’t put it off through lack of time or fear of disruption.

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